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Refund Policy


After the courier service delivers the shipment, please check the product and if there is visible damage (torn parts or crushing) or the product is not in accordance with your order, please do not ask by an email with your details (name, surname and phone number) to the address and state the reasons why you want to replace / return the package.

Please contact us no later than 24 hours after receipt of the shipment. Our operators will inform you about the further procedure, as soon as possible. You can replace the product in agreement with our operators. You send the product that changes to us by express mail, at your own expense. After receiving the product, we check if the product is damaged, and then we send you a suitable replacement.

If the purchased product has defects in terms of the provisions of the Law on Consumer Protection, please act in a manner defined by the rulebook on consumer complaints for goods purchased through an online store, which together with a completed complaint form should be sent to the address Refund In case of return of goods or refund to a buyer who has previously paid with one of the payment cards, in part or in full, and regardless of the reason for the refund, is obliged to refund funds to perform exclusively through VISA and Maestro, which means that the bank at the request of the seller will return the funds to the account of the cardholder.

All costs related to product return are borne by the buyer, ie the amount for the postage for the first return, the amount for the return is retained as well as the amount that the Commercial Bank charges at according to the valid price list. If the value of the returned product is greater than these costs, the difference is borne by the buyer.